About us

The Profizikal team

Profizikal is a ​physiotherapy center located in Belgrade, at Bulevar Arsenija Čarnojevića 107, New Belgrade. 

Our work combines the professionalism of our team members with the most modern equipment in the field of physical medicine, all with the aim of providing the highest level of quality service.

We apply the most modern methods in the field of rehabilitation and physical therapy to allow our patients to effectively and quickly recover from injury, illness or disability. We also offer a number of other services, like massage therapy, acupuncture and esthetic services.

Why choose us

What sets us apart from others is that Profizikal started as a small family company, with the aim of helping our patients in the best possible way. 

We understand that each person is unique and that each patient's condition is different. Accordingly, we offer an individualized recovery plan for each patient. This is what makes us different. 

A harmonious atmosphere and the cordialness between our team members  leads to the best results in the recovery of our patients. We strive to create a pleasant and relaxed environment for our patients at a time when they need it most.

Examination by a physiatrist

Examination by a physiatrist is a key step in the diagnosis and planning of therapy for patients with various orthopedic, rheumatological or neurological complaints. A physiatrist, an expert in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Profizikal, carefully assesses the patient's condition using a clinical examination, functional tests and, if necessary, additional diagnostic methods such as X-rays, magnetic resonance or ultrasound.

Ultrasound examination

We use ultrasound to assess inflammation or other changes in muscles, tendons and ligaments. The examination helps determine the optimal approach to therapy, exercise adjustments or therapeutic techniques. Thanks to its high precision, ultrasound enables therapists to individualize treatments, adapting them to the specific needs of the patient at Profizikal.

Examination by a urologist

Urology is a specialist branch of medicine that deals with diseases of the urinary system in both sexes (kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra) and reproductive system in men - prostate, penis, testicles.  Urological ultrasound, as a non-invasive and completely safe technique, is an integral part of the urological examination.  

Our center specializes in the treatment of prostatitis, Peyronie's disease and erectile dysfunction

At Profizikal, Dr. Aleksandar Vuksanović performs urological examinations for our patients.

Examination by an orthopedist

Orthopedics is a medical branch that deals with the treatment of deformities and functional problems of the skeletal system, and the structures that are connected to it such as muscles and ligaments. 

An orthopedist is a doctor who can diagnose congenital or functional problems of the musculoskeletal system such as infections, sports injuries, fractures, joint problems, osteoporosis, and bone cancer. 

At Profizikal, Dr. Boris Gluščević performs orthopedic examinations for our patients.