Easy flossing

Profizikal easy flossing

Easy flossing is a therapeutic technique that uses the application of an elastic  band that acts on the surface of the skin with a high cohesive force. It acts on the blood flow and the sensorimotor system and has a positive effect on the autonomous reparative mechanisms in the body. 

By applying the Easy flossing technique and the special bands, compression is created on a large surface, which lasts for a few minutes. During this period, the therapist uses different manual techniques, as required, while the patient performs active or passive movements, which have the effect of: 

• accelerating blood flow and tissue metabolism 
• reducing pain 
• increasing mobility 
• lymphatic drainage 
• reducing muscle tension

After a few minutes, the band is removed, with the result being an increased range of motion and a decrease in pain in the afflicted area. The therapy itself is simple to apply, lasts a short time and gives immediate effects, which greatly helps with a faster and more complete recovery after an injury.