Profizikal kineziterapija

Kinesitherapy (movement therapy) is a basic part of the rehabilitation process. At Profizikal, kinesitherapy is carried out individually, depending on the general state of the body. Most often, we combine it with other procedures in order to obtain the best results in the shortest possible time. As kinesitherapy not only activates the muscles but also the central nervous and cardiovascular system, it serves to improve conditions such as diseases of the heart and blood vessels, as well as diseases of the respiratory organs and neurological diseases. It is used in the recovery from sports injuries because it accelerates the return to fitness. Exercises are applied based on the affliction in question, such as: exercises for lumbar syndrome, cervical syndrome, exercises for all types of fractures, exercises for kyphosis and scoliosis, exercises for shaping flat feet (as well as other types of corrective exercises).