Mechanical traction

The Chattanooga Triton 6M is the most modern and best clinically proven device for traction therapy. 

This Chattanooga traction table represents an innovation in decompressive therapy of the spinal column. It works by by stretching the spinal vertebrae and muscle. The six-section treatment table provides maximum patient comfort in prone and supine positions for manual and traction therapy. It is one of the safest devices for spinal decompression.

All patients who have back problems, i.e. cervical and lumbar disc herniation, can find a painless solution with the use of the Chattanooga Triton 6M as part of their recovery plan at Profizikal. This is the ideal type of therapy for patients who prefer an alternate approach to manual chiropractic medicine. 

After only a few treatments with the Chattanooga Traction Table, patients feel significant spinal column relief.