Physical therapy

All in one! 

Physical therapy at Profizikal offers an individualized program for each patient. Physical therapy helps with injuries and chronic problems by applying electrotherapy, magnetotherapy and sonotherapy. These types of therapy are carried out through devices such as Astar and BTL, which help with all injuries to bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles and nerves.

The advantage of the devices used at Profizikal is that we can offer our patients complete physical therapy in one location. The combination of several types of electrotherapy, as well as ultrasound therapy and laser therapy, allows us to work quickly and efficiently in one place. 

ASTAR Physio Go

In addition to being a combo device, Astar Physio Go has the advantage of its mobility. It is equipped with two completely independent treatment channels and has a database of defined treatment procedures together with a therapeutic encyclopedia, which greatly increases the ease of use.


BTL's device is another combo device at Profizikal. Each system offers different functions and features to suit different therapy needs. The most advanced technology in this area, navigation by body zones and QUICK protocols that the BTL device has, enable a high-quality therapeutic procedure.